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Hello all,
I received comments from Mine san.
P832  Table714-REPORT KEY Data format(With KEY Format=111000b,Key Class=02h)
 1) Binding Nonce(read from the medium)  ---> Drive Certificate
 2) (Byte offset) 31 ---> 91
P49 Table1  missing DVD Download SL/DL
P54 1.9 Change History	missing Fuji7R119
P61 2.2.66 DVD Standard  missing DVD Download SL/DL
P995-996 Table 866- Feature Descriptor Version	Version is not updated.
 0003h	   1->2
 0050h	   1->2
 0051h	   1->2
 0107h	   3->5
 010Dh	   1->2
I forgot to update change history at all. So I posted a ZIP file on ftp that
included updated change history.
Best regards,
Keiji Katata
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