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>From: Alice Tate <alice at scsita.org>
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>Date: Mon, 20 Jul 2009 12:16:22 -0600
>Subject: SAS Plugfest info for T10 members
>Would you mind please passing on this info to the T10 member reflector?
>T10 Members,
>The next SAS plugfest will during the week of October 26 at UNH-IOL. 
>STA Members as well as Non-Members are invited to participate in the
> Participation Goals for the plugfest are:
> •Encourage Enterprise SSD participation
> •Gather more cable data
> •Make test slots more efficient
>The NDA is available now on the website at: 
> Deadline for NDA is August 18! 
> Registration is now available on the website at:
> (Pricing varies depending on STA membership status or non-membership. All
pricing is listed on the registration page)
> Plugfest Reception Sponsorship Opportunity:
> STA again will host a fun-filled, congenial reception at the famed (at
least within the STA) Portsmouth Brewery in Portsmouth, NH on Wednesday,
October 28. Sponsorships are available to Plugfest participating companies.
Details are below. If you would like to sponsor the reception, please check
the checkbox indicating such on your registration form, or if you have
already registered, just let Chris Lyon (<clyon at scsita.htm>clyon at scsita.org
 ) know. 
>Plugfest Reception Sponsorship Opportunity
>There may be multiple Plugfest Reception Sponsoring Companies.
> Benefits include:
>    1. Distribution of company product information at the reception
>    2. Distribution of company giveaways at the reception.
>    3. Option for a five (5) minute product briefing to reception attendees
>    4. Corporate logo included on the reception invitation 
> Cost: $500
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