Attached media changer model

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Hello Noud,
This is an issue for the T10 Technical Committee.  I am forwarding your
comment to the T10 reflector.
Please feel free to call or send an email to me with any comments or
questions that you have about this stuff.
Mark Evans
Western Digital Corporation
5863 Rue Ferrari
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Sent: Tuesday, July 14, 2009 2:43 PM
To: Mark Evans
Cc: 'Ballard, Curtis C (StorageWorks)'
Subject: Attached media changer model
Hello Marc,
Proposal 05-317r3 made the attached media changer commands obsolete in SBC.
But chapter 4.3.2 in SBC-3r19 still mentions the attached media changer
commands. I believe it was an error of the 05-317 proposal not removing
chapter 4.3.2.	
Noud Snelder

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