SAT-2 final letter ballot comment resolution draft posted

Mark Overby MOverby at
Thu Jul 9 16:11:09 PDT 2009

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SAT-2 r7c contains all but 3 accepted letter ballot comments incorporated.
One is open for another proposal (09-258) to deal with not having a LOG
SELECT proposal. Another is to remove the revision history (which will happen
next week during the meeting cycle for the public review draft). The last is
to deal with a visio diagram update that has a cross-reference in it. I'm
having trouble with Visio and frame again, so I will likely fix that in the
public review draft as well as I get that sorted out. There is one unaccepted
comment relating to calculations in the self-test log page (I will post a
separate reflector message cross to T13 as well to get insight on how to
resolve). 7c brings the rest of the clauses (8 onward) into completion
status. The FDF has been posted as 09-143r3 as well as a PDF of the comment
There are a few new open letter ballot comments that have come in on 7a and
7b in response to letter ballot comment resolutions. These will be dealt with
in document 09-261.
I will ask that we dispose of all of these items as the high priority agenda
items for the SAT meeting next week.
If you have questions or comments, please let me know.
Give me a few minutes (and the server) to make sure that relevant documents
are uploaded (09-258 and 09-261 will go up later today).
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