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Rob Elliott has posted SAS-2 rev 15a. The PDF file is available at:
and the associated ZIP file is at:
Rev 15a includes the response to the first public review comment plus several
bug fixes. T10 needs to vote again on forwarding this working draft to second
public review because the bug fixes were not part of the January motion.
Please review SAS-2 rev 15a and expect a motion at the March 19th T10 meeting
on forwarding it to second public review.
Rob identified the additional bug fixes as follows:
>1. Brad [Besmer] identified a bogus paragraph that should be deleted (the
ZONE LOCK section refers to an ACTIVATE REQUIRED bit that doesn't exist in
the ZONE LOCK function; it's mistakenly copied from the ZONE UNLOCK function
which does have such a bit).
>2. There are a couple of footnote references in the physical layer tables
that don't belong where they are.  The footnote to which they refer has
nothing to do with the row making the reference.  Footnote m in table 73
should only be on the D24.3 eye opening row, not also on the NEXT offset
frequency row and the Total crosstalk amplitude row.
>3. The instructions for crosstalk source calibration in omit
what pattern to use.  Only footnote o in table 73 mentions that it is
"pseudo-random".  That should be stated in the text.
>4. Harvey [Rosenfeld, ANSI Editor] found 5 broken cross references and
planned to fix them in the published version (which he had already prepared,
apparently not realizing there were PR comments).
Assuming the March 19th motion passes, SAS-2 will be forwarded to INCITS for
second public review. Processing after that point will most likely take
several months and I expect SAS-2 will be published early this Summer.
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