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Wed Feb 18 11:06:58 PST 2009

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The March T10 meetings being hosted  by Fujitsu in Oklahoma City are now 4
weeks (or less) away.  The list of people already registered for the
meetings is not very long.
For those who have not registered yet, but are planning to attend the
meetings, it would be very beneficial to me if you could register by the
end of this week.  I have a meeting with the hotel next Tuesday to plan
meeting room space etc., and would like to have a better representative
idea of the people planning to attend the meetings.
For making reservations, the Embassy Suites Hotel suggest you either call
the hotel directly or use the on-line reservation system (see the direct
hotel link below).  The direct number to the hotel is 1-405-682-6000 (new
phone number for announcement sheet), code FUJ.
If you are making reservations on-line, please make sure you fill in the
code (FUJ) at the bottom of the reservation form.
Any questions, please let me know.
Mike Fitzpatrick
Cell phone  (405) 820-5809
Email		mfitzpatrick at
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