REPORT VOLUME INFORMATION command as approved by SMC-3 posted

Ballard, Curtis C (StorageWorks) curtis.ballard at
Thu Dec 17 16:01:34 PST 2009

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I have posted the final revision of a new command for SMC-3, REPORT VOLUME
INFORMATION, as accepted by the SMC-3 working group yesterday during a
telephone conference.
This command allows an application client to query detailed information about
the volume in an element by element address and also introduces a variable
length CDB that allows sending a volume "handle" such as a serial number or
barcode to request information.
If you have interesting in reading volume information from media changers or
processing variable length CDBs you might want to take a look at this
Curtis Ballard
Hewlett Packard
StorageWorks Platforms Tape
Fort Collins, CO
(970) 898-3013

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