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	If you have a design which uses a UAS driver communicating with a
USB-2, the USB-2 driver should be ready to receive any type of IU on the
status pipe.  The UAS driver will examine the packet, check the IU type, and
the tag, to determine what happens next.  The initiator port is unable to
pre-determine which IU type will be returned by the device.  In plain terms,
the queued environment enabled by UAS does not allow for the UAS Initiator
port to be expecting any single IU.
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> Thank You for the replies.
> I have one last question. If USB2.0 supports multiple command
> processing, here is the scenario where I am getting problem
> If "UAS initiator port" issues a READ command followed by WRITE
> command, the SENSE_IU (of READ command) data buffer is getting filled
> with the data of WRITE_READY issued for WRITE command by the "UAS
> target port" at the HCD level.
> This is happening because when UAS Initiator port is expecting
> SENSE_IU (for READ Command) the UAS target port sent WRITE_READY (for
> WRITE Command) to UAS Initiator port on same pipe.
> I am assuming that the READ and WRITE can be processed simultaneously
> at "UAS target port" and there is no verification of Tag values of
> request and response at HCD level in USB 2.0.
I'm in midway of the implementation. Any help is much appreciated.
Thanks and Regards,
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