[MtFuji] Proposal for Mt Fuji / T10 MMC meeting May 6th.

Y.Horiuchi jl01881 at jcom.home.ne.jp
Wed Apr 29 21:36:16 PDT 2009

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Here is my comments on this.
This is very interesting and I would like to work together.  
There are two choice to add in ODD Button SW into PIN assign. Drive presence
or M-Diag.
Then considering side effect of implementation, M-Diag is good for Button SW. Drive presence has used by many PC in the field.
On the other hand, There are
already many drive has customize model for like this circuit in M-Diag. If
M-Diag use as Button SW, the proposal
will be accepted with no big concern.
---- "Leete さんは書きました: 
> Team,
> Here is a proposal for reducing power in the ODD I'd like to discuss in the
T10 MMC meeting May 6th.
> The MtFujiOverview.pdf file contains an overview of the proposal. The
MtFujiProposal_04_24_09.pdf file contains more detail, including some
suggested ways the changes could be introducted into the existing Mt Fuji
spec as it is currently written.
> I look forward to seeing you in the meeting and getting your feedback.
> Brian Leete
> CO5-166
> Intel Corporation
> 1365 NW Amberglen Parkway
> Beaverton, Oregon, 97006
> 503-456-0484
Y.Horiuchi (堀内 康弘)
jl01881 at jcom.home.ne.jp
(horiucy at lenovo.com)
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