09-085r1 Power Condition Transition modifications

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I will take a look at it, and see where in the proposal and SPC4 you
think it assumes a block device and START STOP UNIT. Are you talking
about LU Control? I looked thru rev 2 that I am working on, and did not
see the issue. Almost all the SSU command changes are in SBC3.
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Subject: 09-085r1 Power Condition Transition modifications
I have an issue with 09-085r1.	The suggested changes to SPC-4 assume
that every device that uses power conditions and the power condition
mode page support the START/STOP UNIT command and its controlling of
power conditions.  Since this is in SPC-4 this applies to all devices
including SSC (i.e., Tape) and SMC (i.e., library) devices and neither
of these devices support START/STOP UNIT - nor can they because the
opcode is LOAD/UNLOAD - whatever is proposed needs to make the
distinction between those devices.  I don't know if the solution is to
exclude SSC and SMC devices or to explicitly state that the statements
only apply to SBC devices or to have a list of behaviors depending on
device type. 
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