SAS PHY Working Group Conference Call April 23 2009

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Regarding today's discussion of Document 09-098r1 "Proposal for SAS 2.1
Specification for Active Cable Electrical Characteristics" being made by
Gourgen Oganessyan (Quellan). 
During the call Mark Seidel (Intel) raised the question of how optical
cables should be handled in this specification with particular regard to
the jitter specification.
In further discussion between Matt Davis (Zarlink), Tom Palkert
(Luxtera), Gourgen Oganessyan (Quellan), and Katharine Schmidkte
(Finisar) it was agreed that optical cables would meet the same jitter
requirement as active copper cables.  This is defined in Table 89 -
"Active cable output electrical characteristics for trained 6 Gbps" of
document 09-098r1.  Gourgen is finalizing this document based on
feedback from today's call and will post the revisions early next week.
Please respond with comments to the reflector so that the group can
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