Question on Log Select with PCR=1, SP=1

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Mon Apr 20 15:47:30 PDT 2009

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Hi gang,
While looking at SPC-4 rev. 18, clause 6.5.2, table 143, I came across some
unexpected behavior.
The rows for PCR=1, SP=1, and PC= 00b and 01b define the operation as:
1) save the current values;
2) reset values to defaults.
This will (normally) result in the saved and current values being different
at the end of the LOG SELECT command. This is at odds with the defined
behavior for MODE SELECT, where values are updated/ reset first, then
saved.	LOG SELECT with PCR=0 and SP=1 will also update the Log parameters
first, then save them. Why did this get turned around backwards for the
PCR=1 case? Is this really the implementation we want?
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