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SAM5r01 clause 7.4 Clear ACA contains the following statement:
"The service response for a CLEAR ACA request received from an I_T nexus
other than the faulted I_T nexus shall be FUNCTION REJECTED."
That statement seems to assume there is an ACA Active (a faulted I_T
nexus exists somewhere) - "other than THE faulted I_T nexus..."
If there is no faulted I_T nexus anywhere (ACA is not active), then will
a CLEAR ACA TMF still respond with FUNCTION REJECTED? or does it act
like ABORT TASK when the task is not in the task set and respond with
FUNCTION COMPLETE (since ACA is in fact cleared)?
host puts 2 commands "on the wire"
the first one gets CHECK CONDITION
the second one gets ACA ACTIVE
the target has a hard reset occur
host sends CLEAR ACA - what is the response?
	Fred Knight
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