Fwd: [Chairs] INCITS Technical Committee, Task Group and Study Group Membership Update - Final Notices Issued - Due April 15, 2009

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All T10 Voting and Advisory members need to pay their 2009 invoices by April
>From: "Barra, Lynn" <lbarra at itic.org>
>To: "chairs at standards.incits.org" <chairs at standards.incits.org>
>Date: Thu, 2 Apr 2009 16:00:11 -0600
>Subject: [Chairs] INCITS Technical Committee, Task Group and Study Group
> Membership Update - Final Notices Issued - Due April 15, 2009
>To Technical Committee, Task Group, and Study Group Chairs -
>Final notices were recently issued to all participating organizations whose
2009 service fee(s) have been identified as overdue.  Payment or purchase
orders must be received at the INCITS Secretariat not later than Wednesday,
April 15, 2009 to retain membership.
>The INCITS Secretariat will forward information to each TC, TG, and SG Chair
of any voting and advisory memberships that may be canceled for failure to
pay the appropriate service fees.  
>You may want to remind your committee of the above information and to
contact the Secretariat if there are any questions.
>Any organization may establish membership by contacting the INCITS
Secretariat at 202-595-2685, 202-626-5739, lbarra at itic.org or completing the
online membership request form at
>As a reminder, technical committee, task group, and study group members are
classified as voting members or advisory (non-voting) members as noted below
|from the INCITS/RD-2
>Voting membership in TCs, TGs, and SGs is open to all directly and
materially affected parties that meet attendance and voting requirements and
pay the designated service fee(s). A representative of a prospective voting
member shall initially attend a meeting of the TC, TG, or SG without voting
privileges and reaffirm interest in the work of the TC, TG, or SG. Voting
privileges become effective with attendance at one of the next two successive
meetings and receipt by the Secretariat of the applicable fees for the
membership year. For a new subgroup, all attendees at the formation meeting
or second meeting shall be considered voting members, subject to the rules in
Section  An organization with voting membership shall appoint one
and only one principal representative and may appoint one or more alternate
representatives.  In order to comply with ANSI requirements, while all
parties may participate in the discussion, only those organizations domiciled
in the U.S. may vote to establish a U.S. position on TAG matters.  
>All advisory memberships are non-voting memberships. Advisory members may
attend meetings, speak, and submit contributions. Advisory members shall
receive all electronically available documents, including meeting notices,
draft agendas and minutes. Other documents are not required to be distributed
to advisory members.
>If you have any questions or updated membership information, please contact
>Lynn Barra
>Director, Standards Operations
>INCITS Secretariat
>Information Technology Industry Council
>1250 Eye St. NW
>Washington DC	20005
>T: 202-626-5739
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