[MtFuji] DVD+/-RW Dual Layer Proposal

David Burg daviburg at windows.microsoft.com
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At the Microsoft Windows Storage team, I believe we have not seen any of
either DVD+RW DL or DVD-RW DL, either drive or media. Given the availability
of BD-RE for a larger capacity rewritable optical storage, we would see it as
a positive move for the industry to 'retire' DVD+RW DL and DVD-RW DL before
they hit the market, thus avoid unnecessary complexity, user confusion, cost
to manufacture drives and maintain software.
With regards,
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Dear MMC Members:
At our last meeting, Katata-san of Pioneer made the claim that no
company has ever marketed DVD-RW DL media nor drives that support it. He
proposes that we remove it from MMC-6.
Similarly, we have seen neither media nor drives that support DVD+RW DL.
I am not sure that we should do this without further information. If you
have more information about DVD+/-RW DL, please post to these reflectors.
Kind Regards,
Bill McFerrin, Chair MMC WG
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