MMC / Mt Fuji: Should host software retry I/O on sense code 03/02/00 (no seek complete)?

David Burg daviburg at
Mon Sep 29 15:41:23 PDT 2008

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Hello Mt Fuji and MMC members,
I would like to hear the opinion from optical device manufacturers with
regards to the sense code 03/02/00 - no seek complete. Is this a fatal error
which will be fail again always if the same command is issued again by the
host, or, is this an error that may be recovered from if the same command is
issued again by the host (assume the media is not changed)?
Microsoft would like this information in order to better implement Windows
and make sure that no unnecessary delays is introduced for the user under
this condition.
I understand the behavior may depend of a vendor's specific implementation
and would like to hear what each device vendor implements. If you do not feel
comfortable discussing your particular implementation in this public
distribution list, feel free to respond directly to Microsoft.
With regards,
David Burg,

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