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FCP makes no restriction on the use of "Continuously Incrementing
Sequence Count". I cannot figure out from the standards (FCP, FC-FS)
exactly how this would work. Below is a contrived example of a WRITE
command with a sequence level retry:
->FCP_DATAx4 (SEQ_CNT=1,2,3,4)
->FCP_DATAx4 (SEQ_CNT=5,6,7,8)
FCP_DATAx4 (SEQ_CNT=0,1,2,3)
Here are some questions:
1. FC-FS defines continuously incrementing sequence count to
    apply to data_frames. data_frames have R_CTL.ROUTING = 0,3,4.
    This means all FCP frames (CMD, DATA, XRDY, RSP) and SRR
    are affected ?
2. FC-FS is slightly vague on whether there are one or two
    SEQ_CNT's for an exchange. I am making the assumption that
    there is one for each direction.
3. FCP allows SEQ_CNT to be zeroed for retransmission, but that's
    just a "may" so what happens if a sequence is retransmitted in
    a class3 connection and SEQ_CNT is "continued". I assume in
    the above scenario, the first frame of the retransmitted
    exchange would have SEQ_CNT=10 ?
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