FCP-4: T10 Letter Ballot T10LBVOTE 08-381r0

T10 Voting Administrator scsi.bbs at lsi.com
Mon Sep 15 12:51:39 PDT 2008

* From the T10 Reflector (t10 at t10.org), posted by:
* T10 Voting Administrator <scsi.bbs at lsi.com>
 2008/09/15 13:50:20
A T10 Letter Ballot (T10/08-381r0) on:
Forwarding FCP-4 to First Public Review.
has just been issued. This ballot closes 2008/10/16 at 12:00 noon MDT.
If you are a T10 voting member, you should receive a separate
email with details of how to vote. If you do not receive this
email, it is likely that a spam filter blocked its delivery.
You can also find voting instructions in the Members section of
the T10 committee web site.
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