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I am not a law...  Erh, not a native English speaker, but shouldn't it be
(from a language point of view) something like	"This bit shall be set to
zero if neither a DVD CSS/CPPM medium nor a recordable DVD-Download medium is
not present."?
>From a technical point of view, aren't DVD-Download media supposed to be CSS
With regards,
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Subject: DVD CSS Feature Descriptor/DVD-Download
Hello all,
while reviewing the latest Mt Fuji specification rev 7, ver 1.00, we found
that the definition of the "Current"
bit in chapter " Feature 0106h: DVD CSS" on page 619 should be
extended in order to take into
account a DVD-Download disc (SL and DL).
Our proposal is that the "Current" bit should also be set to one in case a
DVD-Download disc is present.
So the description of the "Current" bit should be modified from
    "This bit shall be set to zero if DVD CSS/CPPM medium is not present."
    "This bit shall be set to zero if DVD CSS/CPPM medium and a recordable
DVD-Download disc is not present."
Best regards,
Reiner Kopf
Nero AG

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