Opening a STP connection

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After the STP connection is established, the host and device are just
following normal SATA protocol; frame transmission can go in either or both
directions during the connection.  X_RDY and R_RDY are used to coordinate
frame transmission.  If both want to send a frame, they both send X_RDY.  The
host always defers in this case and sends R_RDY, allowing the device to send
its frame first.  The host can try again after that frame is finished.
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Subject: Opening a STP connection
I've seen a situation where a STP Initiator opens a connection to STP
Target/SATA Bridge. The STP Target sends back OPEN Accept and then starts
sending DATA or DMA Setup or DMA Activate FISs. As per SAS-2: Connection request
The OPEN address frame (see 7.8.3) is used to open a connection from a source
port to a destination port using one source phy and one destination phy.
If the STP Target is the Source Port shouldn't the connection be opened from
the STP Target? Is it acceptable the STP Initiator to open a connection if
the STP Target will be the source port?
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