08-249r0 - Another SAS 2.+ link power management proposal posted

Day, Brian Brian.Day at lsi.com
Thu May 22 12:47:51 PDT 2008

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I've posted doc 08-249 which also is a version of a proposal that adds
link power management for SAS 2.1 (or whatever the number ends up
I had this in the works prior to seeing Mark Evan's similar 08-206
proposal.  There are some overlaps, and some differences.
Please don't consider this as a "competing" proposal... I'm just sharing
different perspective.	I fully expect there will be a big group hug at
some point and converge all the ideas into a single proposal going
forward :-)
Also, and unfortunately, the power management call next week is
scheduled when I can not attend, so I wanted to at least post some of my
thoughts on the topic.
One general opinion of mine is to not overload the Idle states, and have
dedicated power management states for the link and phy to handle it.
But I'll fully admit this is more of a preference opinion than technical
I'm just concerned with trying to keep track of too many various
function all in an Idle state (which means it's not very idle anymore).
I've also included a few thoughts at the end of the doc about how link
multiplexing may intersect with power management as well.
Brian Day
LSI Corp.

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