SPC/SBC/MMC/SSC/Mt. Fuji Device Validation Tool

Mike Berhan mikeb at bustrace.com
Fri May 9 16:37:08 PDT 2008

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* "Mike Berhan" <mikeb at bustrace.com>
On June 2, in Tokyo Japan, we will be demonstrating a new tool that will be
part of our busTRACE product suite.  This new tool uses the various t10 /
Mt. Fuji command specifications to probe a device and search for any
violations of the various specifications.  If any violation is detected, the
specific field is highlighted with a description of the defect found.  This
helps explain some of my recent reflector postings asking for clarification
of the various specifications.
We will also be showing the entire suite of tools available in our product.
Anyone is welcome to attend, whether you are an existing busTRACE customer
or not.  For full details, please visit:
Mike Berhan
busTRACE Technologies
9700 Village Center Drive
Suite 50-F
Granite Bay, CA  95746
916.773.4554 phone
916.218.6283 fax
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