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Hello Katata-san,
I find another editorial mistake in FUJI7R100.pdf.
On page 890, a sentence which is marked as being struck out still
remains in the document.
It must be eliminated from the next revision.
Best Regards,
Harry Ai
Panasonic AVC Networks Company
Osaka, Japan
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> Hello Katata-san,
> I am reviewing the changes in the Mt. Fuji 7 v1.00 specification.  In your
> original proposal to clarify the Read Disc Structure Format Code FFh, you
> stated:
> "This Format Code (=FFh) shall be reported as one of supported Structure
> List entries with RDS bit set to one."
> In the actual specification, it states:
> "This Format Code (=FFh) should be reported as one of supported Structure
> List entries with RDS bit and/or SDS bit set
> to one."
> I notice that "shall" has been replaced with "should" which tells me that
> is not mandatory and it is simply recommended.  Most drives don't return
> in the list so I suspect this is why it is optional (though recommended).
> What I do not understand is why you changed "with RDS bit set to one" to
> "with RDS bit and/or SDS bit set to one."  Table 764 of the specification
> shows that FFh is reserved for Send Disc Structure.  I do not know why it
> would be "and/or" as the structure list array is read only as far as I
> I think your original statement is more accurate than the 1.00
> unless I have missed something.
> Regards,
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