Anchorage reception

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It sounds like you are willing to have family members come along.
I would like to go along with my wife and her parents - a total of 4.  One 
that need Gluten free menu and a different one that needs a low sugar 
Kevin Butt
Daunell Butt - Gluten Free
Eldon Zeller - Low sugar
Nina Zeller
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Anchorage reception
Hello, T10/STA community!
After the meetings on Tuesday July 15, Emulex would be pleased to have you 
and your guests join us for dinner at the Anchorage Museum.(, After dinner, the museum will 
be open for your browsing pleasure. Children are welcome, and I believe 
would find much of interest there, though the younger ones should be 
attended carefully in the museum environment.
The Anchorage Museum is the largest museum in Alaska, with exhibits and 
programs on the art, history, and cultures of Alaska. It is a two-block 
walk from the hotel. My family and I have spent time there before, and 
very much look forward to the return visit.
To those who expect to attend, in order to plan for your enjoyment, I 
would appreciate hearing from you by Monday June 30. Please let me know 
how many besides yourself will be accompanying you. If you advise me of 
special dietary needs, we will see if the catering service can assist.
Looking forward to seeing you there!
   - Bob Nixon, for Emulex

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