SBC-3 Read Defect Data - Defect List Not Found

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Thu Jun 12 09:22:40 PDT 2008

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In reviewing SBC-2 and SBC-3, the following statement is made regarding the
Read Defect 10 CDB:
"A REQ_PLIST bit set to zero and a REQ_GLIST bit set to zero specifies that
the device server shall return only the defect list header (i.e., the first
four bytes of the defect list)."
It also goes on to say:
"If the requested defect list format and the returned defect list format are
not the same, the device server shall transfer the defect data and then
terminate the command with CHECK CONDITION status with the sense key set to
RECOVERED ERROR and the additional sense code set to DEFECT LIST NOT FOUND."
My question is this.  If you are only requesting the header (i.e.
REQ_PLIST=0 and REQ_GLIST=0), and the return defect list format is different
than the requested defect list format, should a device still return this
RECOVERED ERROR check condition?  My take would be that it should return no
check condition (since no defect data was requested) but I can see how
someone could interpret it the other way.
As a side note, a "DEFECT LIST NOT FOUND" error is not as accurate as a
"DEFAULT DEFECT LIST FORMAT RETURNED" (if there were such a sense code).
I'm not requesting the addition of a new sense code.  Just an observation.
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