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Pete Wyckoff pw at osc.edu
Sat Jun 7 07:55:41 PDT 2008

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joe at lingua-data.com wrote on Fri, 06 Jun 2008 12:14 -0600:
> IBM at least used to distribute an OSD Initiator for such testing purposes.
> IIRC, it was available on Sourceforge. Try this:
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/osd-initiator
[and other good suggestions]
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> Subject: [Ips] OSD over iSCSI
> I would like to test my target's support of long CDB's. So I'm looking for
> an iSCSI initiator that will carry long CDB's and hopefully an OSD version
> file system (since OSD issues 200 byte CDB's). Does anyone know of anything
> or work in progress?
You're welcome to try our OSD userspace initiator library.  It is
v2, but is missing a few bits in r3.  It's not a whole file system,
but there are plenty of tests that exercise a broad range of OSD
activity.  There's a target there too in case you want to compare
notes.	All this is under development.
It uses a linux-specific mechanism to submit the commands to the
in-kernel SCSI midlayer, and from there to your target via iSCSI or
another transport.  Large CDBs and bidirectional transfers require
some fairly recent linux kernel features, which are slowly trickling
in to the kernel.  You can look at my tree for patches; not all are
needed, and many may have gone upstream already.
		-- Pete
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