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IBM at least used to distribute an OSD Initiator for such testing purposes.
IIRC, it was available on Sourceforge. Try this:
Also available from them was a rudimentatry OSD target:
I do not know the current status of this, however.
These were invaluable in getting my first OSD target up and running.
Sun seems to have several OSD initiatives as well, though I do not have any
concrete knowledge of their current status.
Also of potential interest: Working as a two person team, Ronnie Sahlberg
and I added an OSD dissector to Wireshark. It has been part of the tool
since approximately the 0.99.3 release. As your 'pipe' is iSCSI, you may
find this invaluable for debugging purposes.
I would be happy to compare notes offline, if you would be interested.
Joe Breher
lingua data
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I would like to test my target's support of long CDB's. So I'm looking for
an iSCSI initiator that will carry long CDB's and hopefully an OSD version 2
file system (since OSD issues 200 byte CDB's). Does anyone know of anything
or work in progress?
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