SPC Inquiry for Quad-Aligned Zero -- deprecated since SPC-4 maybe

Ralph Weber roweber at IEEE.org
Fri Jan 4 15:34:17 PST 2008

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* Ralph Weber <roweber at ieee.org>
The double "should be" is fixed in the draft r12, which I might get a
chance to finish someday.
All the best,
Knight, Frederick wrote:
> Yes, you're right.
> Should =  "it is strongly recommended".
> Should does not necessarily mean that there is also a "should not",
> unless in fact, it is really there (and there are several "should not"
> places in SPC; but this is NOT one of them).
> I'm content with the text as is (other than the editorial change of the
> double "should be"), and will leave any changes to those with an issue.
>	Fred
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