Flagging ECC errors during video stream reads for navigation content

David Burg daviburg at windows.microsoft.com
Sun Feb 24 22:06:40 PST 2008

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While prototyping on Windows PC a DVD player using MMC's streaming flavor of
READ12 command, Microsoft find out that the DVD and HD DVD video streams
contain also a navigation stream with PCI and DSI sectors that contrary to
the video and audio itself are not data-corruption tolerant.
Quoting our video playback engineer:
"The PCI/DSI packets are in the VOBs.  If you scramble the DSI tables, you
may get offsets to random VOBUs.  You could seek to weird places during trick
mode playback.
Further, the buttons in the PCI have commands attached to them.
There isn't any CRC data in the PES pack headers for the navigation stream."
The current definition of streaming allows either of check condition or
data-corruption when an error occurs (4.8.2 Real-Time Stream Playback , "The
MM reader may return sector data that has not been completely corrected.").
In practice we observe that optical devices typical implementation is to
return corrupted data, no error.
Accordingly we would like to gather opinions of Mt Fuji and MMC members about
this issue.
Best regards,
David Burg.
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