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Hi Harry,
Put PMC down on the list for this round.
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Subject: [Scsita-board] STA Reception March 10th "Beyond SAS 2 - Part
The SCSI Trade Association will be hosting another meeting on Monday
March 10th to continue our "Beyond SAS-2", discussion we began in
We seem to have general agreement that any interim SAS 2.X proposal be
limited to SAS-2 cleanup activities and extending the physical
connection options available.  There also seems to be some general
consensus that SAS-3 efforts need to begin, in earnest, before the end
of 2008. 
All T10 and current STA members are invited to this discussion and are
welcome to submit presentation proposals to STA for this event.
Please check the T10 meeting map for the precise time and location.
STA will make available up to six, 15 minute presentation slots, and the
topics are open to most anything we should be considering in future SAS
Please respond directly to clyon at scsita.org  with your presentation
topic and we'll add you to the agenda!
STA would also like to congratulate T10 for the efforts required to
forward SAS-2 for letter ballot.
This is a very important industry milestone and your efforts are greatly
Many thanks, 
Harry Mason
STA President

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