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> trying to understand
Cross-referencing into Scsi-3.htm, you'll find SPC Inquiry first, then
You can also use RBC as an index into which parts of SBC matter most in
the retail mass market, so long as you remember RBC and SBC disagree
significantly often. SPC Inquiry data byte 0 mask x1F is the Peripheral
Device Type (PDT). PDT 00h says SBC wins over RBC like in most of Mac/
Windows/ Linux, PDT 0Eh says RBC wins over SBC like some FireWire
systems prefer.
> I am working a PCI-express board which
> contains a Flash memory, and I would like
> the Flash memory to be managed as a mass storage
> by Windows or Linux, that is in a similar manner
> that is used with USB Flash devices.
doesn't yet clearly say how people wire SCSI thru USB thru PCIe.
For SCSI, I don't know if the PCIe standard provides direct connect of
the conventional four USB device pins (D+ D- VBus Gnd) or if the PCIe
card has to add what the Windows Device Manager would term a "Universal
Serial Bus Controller". SCSI connected in either of those ways might
well choke off down below 0.48 Gb/s USB 2.0 Hi Speed, but would give you
a roadmap up to 4.8 Gb/s USB 3.0 Super Speed.
For ATA I imagine the PCIe card has to add what the Windows Device
Manager would term a "IDE ATA/ATAPI controller", but I don't know. I
guess going that way might more immediately give you higher burst rates,
I don't know.
> totally new to the SCSI world,
Welcome. walks you thru SCSI over USB, e.g.,
offers a list of which ops matter most in the retail mass market.
~US$1000 Windows BusTrace lets you watch Windows talking SPC and SBC,
e.g., which Sys drive speaks which Scsi talk. Linux includes free tools
if you rebuild your own kernel drivers. Also me & many others like
sharing source code to help poke around inside Mac/ Linux/ Windows/ etc.
Windows has defined pass thru for ATA also, I haven't myself much messed
with that yet.
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