SCSI over PCIe?

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I would recommend writing a device driver for the flash memory.  The
driver can present itself to the operating system as a SCSI device,
probably supporting the SBC-2 command set, i.e., it would emulate a
disk.  For Windows, this used to be a "SCSI Miniport" driver; I don't
know whether the miniport concept still exists in recent versions of
The same concept should apply for Linux.
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I am totally new to the SCSI world, and am = trying to understand the
chart located here:;= o:p>
I am working a PCI-express board which = contains a Flash memory, and I
would like the Flash memory to be managed as a mass = storage by Windows
or Linux, that is in a similar manner that is used with USB = Flash
Looking at the chart, I thought I would be able to use the SCSI =
command sets defined above the yellow line, and have the appropriate
system = encapsulate and transport these commands over PCI-Express using
the relevant = protocol. Unfortunately, when looking below the yellow
line, I can find a UASbox = which indicates the protocol to be used to
transport SCSI commands over USBs, = an FCPbox for Fiber Channel, &,
but none to transport SCSI commands over = PCIe.
Does this exist, or do I have a wrong = approach?
Thank you in advance for your = help!
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