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Fri Dec 12 12:50:11 PST 2008

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This is a courtesy reminder of SMC-3 Action Items
06-044 [Roger Cummings] Solicit additional vendor-specific sense codes 
|from library vendors per June discussion item 4.4.
07-017 [Group] Make sure the all the functionality of Read Element Status 
is covered by the Report Element Information command (06-272) and the 
Report Volume Information command and examine if an informative annex to 
map the RES command onto these is appropriate. [Reminder to do as final 
07-042 [Paul Suhler] Write a proposal for the commands which the cached 
ready state in ADC may be used.
14Jan08-09 Curtis Ballard to propose meaning of RANDOM POSITIONING ERROR
14Jan08-11 Kevin Butt to propose meaning of OPERATOR MEDIUM REMOVAL 
14July08-01 Geoff Barton to create a proposal for the use of the NOT READY 
06Aug08-01 Curtis to revise and post 08-201r1 per discussion
20Aug08-05 Kevin to report to Noud what causes the LOGICAL UNIT NOT READY, 
OFFLINE error code to be reported. This needs to be in light of both ADC 
and SMC.
08Sept08-02 Noud Snelder to incorporate SMC-3 Use of INCOMPATIBLE MEDIUM 
INSTALLED (08-270r0) into SMC-3
08Sept08-04 Rod to revise and post SMC-3 Use of LOGICAL UNIT COMMUNICATION 
FAILURE (08-271r0)
03Nov08-01 Kevin Butt to revise SMC-3: Medium Magazine Error Codes 
(07-372r3) and post.
03Nov08-02 Noud Snelder to incorporate SMC-3: Medium Magazine Error Codes 
(07-372r4) into SMC-3.
03Nov08-03 Curtis Ballard to revise SMC-3 Report Volume Information 
(08-215r2) and post.
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