SAS-2 rev.15 Missing Sync lost message definition

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The SP receiver detects ALIGNs, TRAIN_DONEs, and Dwords and sends them as
ALIGN Received, TRAIN_DONE Received, and Dword Received messages.  See figure
35 on page 72.
If dword synchronization has been lost, however, it stops sending those
messages.  SP_DWS tells the SP receiver that dword synchronization has been
lost using the Sync Lost message.  See this wording on page 285:
"The ALIGN Received, Dword Received, and TRAIN_DONE Received messages are
only sent after the SP_DWS state machine has achieved dword synchronization."
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Subject: SAS-2 rev.15 Missing Sync lost message definition
SP_DWS (6.9) defines a Sync Lost message sent by the SP_DWS state machine to
the SP receiver, however there is no definition anywhere what the SP receiver
should do with this message. Any suggestions?
Happy Thanksgiving
Samek Mokryn
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