Reminder - Hotel cutoff for January is FRIDAY THIS WEEK

Roger Cummings roger_cummings at
Tue Dec 2 07:26:57 PST 2008

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 A quick reminder that the cutoff date for the room block for the
January T10 meetings in on Friday December 5 i.e. THIS WEEK. 
If you intend coming to any of the T10 meetings, please make a room
reservation by this date. Full details can be found at:
The folks at the hotel tell me that at this time of year they are
typically full on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings each week. Therefore I
expect that they WILL release all of the unused portion of our room
block sometime during the week after the cutoff date at the latest, and
after that point you may be unable to stay at the hotel at all or the
rate will be much higher.  Note that we have  a VERY good rate for this
meeting @ $158 + tax, and that includes wired internet in your room. The
rate actually significantly lower than the for the previous meeting that
I hosted at this hotel.
Thanks to Matt Ball for already posting a reminder to the IEEE P1619
group. Would someone please also forward this reminder to the
appropriate STA reflector?
Roger Cummings
roger_cummings at

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