Primitive assignments for 08-015

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The partial and slumber phy power management proposal (08-015) needs to
assign codes for four new primitives. I have had private discussions with
several SAS experts to see if there are some preferred codes for these
assignments but no one had any recommnedations, so I am picking these
unassigned codes out of annex N:
PS_REQ (PARTIAL) K28.5	D07.3  D02.0  D04.7
PS_REQ (SLUMBER) K28.5	D07.3  D07.3  D07.3
PS_ACK		 K28.5	D16.7  D27.4  D30.0
PS_NAK		 K28.5	D24.0  D27.4  D02.0
My choice of codes is mostly random, just an attempt to maintain a large
hamming distance between primitives (like PS_ACK and PS_NAK) that we really
don't want to confuse with each other. I encourage anyone with better
suggestion to contact me within 3 weeks (so I can change the latest rev.
before posting it to T10 web site) or at least bring up your suggestions at
the January T10 meetings.
Thank you.
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