SPC-4: Reporting SPC-2 Reservation Holder

Kevin D Butt kdbutt at us.ibm.com
Mon Aug 25 13:57:02 PDT 2008

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I have uploaded a proposal for consideration of reporting the reservation 
holder of an SPC-2 reservation (i.e., RESERVE(6) or RESERVE(10)) using the 
PERSISTENT RESERVE IN - READ FULL STATUS.  When I started this proposal it 
seemed like a quick and easy thing that could be accomplished by simply 
defining a single new bit in the READ FULL STATUS descriptor and 
everything would be perfect.  I was hoping to get it through with only 
minor edits during CAP.
Alas, this involves Persistent Reservations.  You should all know what 
that means! (>_<)> 
It turned out to be a lot bigger than I anticipated.
Any arrows you could send at me ahead of time would be appreciated.
Kevin D. Butt
SCSI & Fibre Channel Architect, Tape Firmware
MS 6TYA, 9000 S. Rita Rd., Tucson, AZ 85744
Tel: 520-799-2869 / 520-799-5280
Fax: 520-799-2723 (T/L:321)
Email address: kdbutt at us.ibm.com

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