MMC-6: Proposal to declare MRW as Legacy

Bill McFerrin billmc37 at
Thu Aug 21 16:51:18 PDT 2008

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* Bill McFerrin <billmc37 at>
During the MMC WG meeting, it was noted that MRW support on DVD 
recorders is either small or non-existent. Consequently, we are 
proposing that MRW be labeled Legacy. This means that our Legacy annex 
will name the last version of MMC that contained the descriptions about 
MRW, but it is not included in MMC-6. It will also be recommended MRW 
should not be implemented on any new developments.
If you disagree with this conclusion of the MMC WG, please notify us.
Kind Regards,
Bill McFerrin
MMC WG chair,
MMC-6 editor
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