OSD: Error Reporting

Eddy Quicksall Quicksall_SCSI at Bellsouth.net
Tue Aug 19 18:16:26 PDT 2008

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Paragraph 4.16.1 of osd2r04 says "OSD logical units shall use descriptor
format sense data (see SPC-3) to report all errors". 
>From SPC4r16, DESC == 0 means "The device server shall return fixed format
sense data (see 
4.5.3) in the parameter data."
If the initiator issues a request sense but sets DESC to 0 then should the
target report ILLEGAL REQUEST / INVALID FIELD IN CDB? (note that there could
be a Deferred Error to report).
Also the sentence following Table 24 of spc4r16 says "The RESPONSE CODE field
shall be set to 70h in all unit attention condition sense data in which (a)
the ADDITIONAL SENSE CODE field is set to 29h or ..." but since it is OSD
then there is a conflict.

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