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Following is the proposed agenda for the SMC-3 conference call August 6th at
8AM PDT.  The agenda will also be available at shortly.
The agenda has been reorganized to move some of the smaller items from the
end of the agenda up to the start to get some discussion about them and
hopefully close some.
Draft Agenda -- SCSI Media Changer (SMC) Working Group Meeting
       Location -- Conference Call
	   Date -- 6 August, 2008
	   Time -- 8.00 AM PDT
Conference Call Details:
Toll: 574-941-6128
US Toll Free: 866-370-6095
Conference Code: 8983013
Toll free bridge lines - call bridge line number from a land line then
enter toll free number from above (as shown, no 1 in front) - mobile
calls to bridge lines will not work
France:      0800-900-081
Netherlands: 0800-022-5059
Norway:      800-15802
UK:	     0800-032-0634
A Virtual Classroom link has been set up at:
1.   Introductions
2.   Approval of the Agenda
3.   Attendance and Membership
4.   INCITS Patent Policy (see T10 Short Summary at
5.   Comments on previous meeting minutes (08-288)
6.   Review of action items
7.   Old Business
7.1    Working List for ISV feedback (SMC/SSC/ADC/SPC) (07-131) [Butt]
error code (08-038) [Snelder]
7.3   SMC-3 Cleaning error codes (08-201) [Ballard]
7.4    SMC-3 Use of INCOMPATIBLE MEDIUM INSTALLED (08-270) [Wideman]
7.5    SMC-3 New Tape Alert flags (08-047) [Snelder]
7.6    SMC-3 Use of LOGICAL UNIT COMMUNICATION FAILURE (08-271) [Wideman]
7.7    SMC-3 TapeAlert Enhancements (06-420) [Ballard]
7.8    SMC-3 Medium Magazine Error Codes (07-372) [Butt]
7.9    SMC-3 Report Volume Information (08-215) [Ballard]
7.10   SMC-3 Report Element Information (08-066) [Ballard]
7.11   SMC-3 Use of LOGICAL UNIT NOT READY, OFFLINE (08-260) [Snelder]
7.12   SMC-3 New additional sense codes tracking document (08-272) [Wideman]
8.   New Business
8.1    SMC-3 Use of NOT READY error codes (08-320r0) [Snelder]
9.   Next Meeting Requirements
10.  Review New Action Items
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