SAS 2 - Inconsistency between SP state machine and Table 272

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Thu Apr 17 09:25:50 PDT 2008

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In r14 spec, there is the following: Transition SP1:OOB_AwaitCOMX to SP4:OOB_COMSAS
This transition shall occur after receiving either a COMINIT Detected
message or a COMSAS Detected
message. If COMSAS Detected was received, this transition shall include
a COMSAS Detected argument.
If the ATTACHED SATA PORT SELECTOR bit is set to one in the SMP DISCOVER
response (see, the
state machine shall, before the transition:
a) set the ATTACHED SATA PORT SELECTOR bit to zero in the SMP DISCOVER
response; and
b) send a SATA Port Selector Change confirmation to the link layer.
So when connected to the active port of a port selector, after receiving
the COMINIT from the SATA target, the
However, Table 272 indicates that the active port of port selector
should still have this bit asserted.
I think should be discussed during letter ballot comment resolution.
Early comments?
Brian Day
LSI Corp.
(719) 533-7468

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