NCITS new policy prohibiting proposal sharing with non-members

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Wed Apr 16 07:27:50 PDT 2008

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The new NCITS policy is pretty clear that draft standards, proposals, and
meeting minutes should not be distributed outside of the paid members. But
how about things like presentations at evening get-togethers sponsored by
STA, where various folks discuss items they would like to see appear in SAS
or other draft standards? Since these presentation slots are outside of
regular T10 meetings and apparently are open to all comers, even
non-members, then perhaps these presentations should still be publicly
available to all. Could these still be distributed by T10 as public
documents not related to activities in members only meetings, or would
another organization (such as STA) need to provide a distribution method
for these presentations? This seems to be a gray area not addressed by
NCITS rules.
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