ADI Conference Teleconference 16 April 8AM PDT

Paul Suhler Paul.Suhler at Quantum.Com
Thu Apr 10 10:21:26 PDT 2008

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Quantum Corporation will host an ADI working group ad-hoc teleconference on
16 April 2008 starting at 8:00 AM PDT and concluding at 10:00 AM PDT.  The
agenda and contact details for this teleconference appear below. If you wish
to attend from a country not listed, please contact me.
Paul Suhler
Paul A. Suhler | Firmware Engineer | Quantum Corporation | Office:
949.856.7748 | paul.suhler at
Disregard the Quantum Corporation confidentiality notice below.  The
information contained in this transmission is not confidential.  Permission
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The agenda is available on line at: 
The current version of the agenda is below.
The primary focus of this teleconference is intended to be iADT.  07-469r2
will be posted by Friday, 11 April.
1.  Introductions [Group]
2.  Approval of the agenda [Suhler]
3.  Attendance and Membership [Suhler]
4.  INCITS Patent Policy (T10 Short Summary at
5.  INCITS Antitrust Guidelines ( [Suhler]
6.  Corrections to previous meeting minutes
6.1   08-151r1 <;  10
March 2008 meeting
7.  Call for Secretary
8.  Review of action items [Suhler]
9.  Old Business
9.1   ADC-3 Automation Device Serial Number subpage (08-021r0
<; ) [Wideman]
9.2   ADT-2: SCSI Command IU to initiator only port (07-438r1
<; ) [Suhler]
9.3   ADT-2:  Internet ADT (iADT) (07-469r1
<; ) [Suhler]
9.4   ADI: Features for ADC-3 and ADT-3 (08-147r0
<; ) [Suhler]
10. New Business
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