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The 8-bit "Version" field in the standard Inquiry data (offset 2) is defined
"The VERSION field indicates the implemented version of this standard and is
defined in table XXX"
I have an SPC-3 compliant device I am evaluating.  In reviewing SPC-3 (or
4), a value of 05h would indicate compliance with SPC-3.  However, this
device returns 03h (SPC).
Now if you look down in the Version Descriptors, this device does return
support for Version Descriptor 0300h (SPC-3).
Either the 03h was left in the "Version" field for backwards compatibility
issues, or it's just a firmware bug.
My question for this forum is this.  Does a device that claims SPC-3
compatibility violate the rules of the specification if the Inquiry version
states it's an SPC-1 device.  Or, does the fact that it claims SPC-3 support
in the Version Descriptors allow such a device to pass.
I realize that this is a rather esoteric point.  However, it is of interest
to me as I spend time flagging these issues as firmware bugs and I want to
know if this device violates any SPC-3 versioning requirements.  Any
thoughts appreciated.
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