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It depends on how the initiator "doesn't accept the OPEN". If
OPEN_REJECT(RETRY) is used, the target is allowed to retry forever or until
a reset occurs. If another OPEN_REJECT reason is used (e.g., PATHWAY
BLOCKED) then the retry will occur until the I_T NEXUS LOSS timer expires
(recommended time is 2 seconds) and then an I_T nexus reset will occur at
the target. I believe all the OPEN_REJECT reasons other than the retry
class fall into this category.
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Is there any requirements related to how long it can take to allow an OPEN
when in the middle of a SCSI transfer?
e.g., Read command
target tries to OPEN a connection with the initiator port to transfer a
frame.	The initiator port doesn't accept the OPEN.  How long is can the
initiator port not accept the OPEN (e.g., to perform flow throttling)?
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