Ultra320 to SAS Interface

Pratt, Gary (GE Indust, GE Fanuc) Gary.Pratt2 at ge.com
Wed Sep 26 15:18:17 PDT 2007

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I hope this is an appropriate posting for this forum.  Please accept my
apologies if not.
I'm looking for advice on designing an interface that will allow a new
SAS drive (ST973402SS) to replace an older SCSI drive (ST373455LC).  The
input of the interface will be an Ultra320-target physical interface and
the output will be a SAS initiator physical interface.	Logic is
required in between to capture certain commands (such as Inquiry) and
provide a response that matches that which would be provided by the
older SCSI drive.  I have a more detailed specification if anyone is
interested in more of the details.
So, ultimately, I'm looking for one of the following:
1) Any advice anyone is willing to contribute on the feasibility and
pertinent issues with this project.
2) Ultra320-target (physical to application layer) and SAS-initiator
(Application to physical layer) IP that will fit in a Xilinx or Altera
3) An Ultra320-target IC and a SAS-initiator IC in between which I can
place logic to detect and modify the necessary commands.
4) A SCSI/SAS expert willing to consult on this project
5) A design firm willing to design this interface.
Thanks in advance,
Gary Pratt
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