November T10 Atrium Suites Reservation Procedure now 702-369-4400 menu 0

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Wed Sep 26 09:21:38 PDT 2007

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Dear T10 Reflector Member: 
The hotel has informed me that guests should call:
(702) 369-4400 phone menu 0 (not 1)
which is the hotel front desk. The front desk staff
will take your reservation. 
Sorry for all these changes. Thanks to 
all who reported problems to me. 
The previous number -4440 is a fax machine
somewhere. The reservations option (1)	at 
phone number -4400 will take you directly to 
a phone mail box. 
Best Regards,
Daniel J. Colegrove
Hitachi Global Storage Technologies
daniel.colegrove at

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