ok by you if we obsolete SCSI thru USB bInterfaceSubClass 02h MMC-2

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> Subject: USB Mass storage sub-class for MMC devices Posted by:  Bill 
> McFerrin <billmc37 at ctesc.net> ...
> Curtis Stevens (Western Digital) came to our MMC WG meeting on 19 
> September
> 2007 to bring up a concern about UBC mass storage bridge 
> implementations.
> The drive sub-class may be specified as either
> SFF8020/MMC-2 (value = 2) or Transparent SCSI (value=6).
> Since SFF8020 is obsolete and MMC-2 has been withdrawn as a standard, 
> we should act to promote the use of only drive sub-type 6.
> Keiji Katata (Pioneer) proposed that drive sub-type 2 be made obsolete
> ...
> If you are aware of common use of drive sub-type 2, please respond to 
> this message.
Yes please.
I'm resending this B. McFerrin quote to help more people see it.
I think replies to debate the merits of the proposal should go to one of
the other threads, since we need a simple short thread left open to
collect any awareness any of us have of actual common uses of USB
bInterfaceSubClass code 02h within USB bInterfaceClass 08h Mass Storage.
So far all we have is debatable theory, no real world examples.
Is anyone aware of any current use of USB bInterfaceSubClass 02h?
Hope this helps,
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