9/19 - 9/20 CAP meeting agenda

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The CAP meeting agenda for 9/19 - 9/20 will be as follows. 
9/19 - 9:00 am to 11:45 am and 9/20 - 9:00 am to 12 noon
4.  SCSI Architecture Model Topics
4.1   SAM-4 Response Fence for protocol services (06-341r1) [Elliott]
4.2   SAM-4: Task Tag Length and FCP (07-139r0) [Peterson]
4.3   SAM-4: Changes requested from 03/2007 editing session (07-157r3) 
4.4   SAM-4: No UA on NOTIFY DATA TRANSFER DEVICE command (07-266r0) 
4.5   SAM-4 SCSI Initiator and Target Port capability attributes 
(07-263r0) [Elliott]
5.  Command Set Topics
5.1   SCSI Primary Commands Proposals
5.1.1	SPC-4: ASC/ASCQ Reservations for ATA REQUEST SENSE (07-081r1) 
5.1.2	SPC-4: Extended SCSI Commands (07-029r3) [Weber]
5.1.3	SPC-4 Persistent Reservation Clarification (07-389r0) [Knight]
5.1.4	SPC-4 Target Port Groups & Logical Unit Groups (07-390r0) [Knight]
5.1.5	ASC/ASCQ Request for TCG constructs (07-381r0) [Marks]
5.2   SCSI Block Commands Proposals
5.3   SCSI Enclosure Services Proposals
5.4   Other Proposals
5.4.1	OSD-2 Security Enhancements (07-301r2) [Weber]
5.4.2	Correct an OSD-2 defined attributes bug (07-357r0) [Weber]
5.4.3	OSD-2 Exceptions Management enhancements (07-378r0) [Weber]
9/19 - 1:30  pm to 7:00 pm
7.  Security
7.3   SPC-4: Establishing a Security Association using IKEv2 (06-449r9) 
[Ball & Black]
7.4   ESP-SCSI for Parameter Data (07-169r0) [Weber]
7.5   Request for Security Protocol Code for TCG OSSC for use in MMC-6 
(07-346r0) [McFerrin]
7.6   Update to SECURITY PROTOCOL IN (07-368r1) [Hatfield]
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