T13 External Path Protection

Curtis Stevens curtis.stevens at wdc.com
Fri Sep 14 17:25:38 PDT 2007

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This message is to the T-13 reflector.	I have cross-posted to the T-10
reflector as well.  This work is foundational to the work going on in T10
I have posted T13/e07162r0 which describes the proposed External Path
Protection (EPP) feature set.  This feature set allows the device to provide
data integrity checking using host supplied integrity information.  This
proposal is closely aligned with the T-10 Protection Information model.  I
plan on reviewing this proposal at the T-13 plenary meeting in October.
Please look this over and send me your feedback.  I could turn a rev before
the October meeting if people are interested.
In support of this activity, I plan on doing a presentation on the T-10
Protection Information model prior to discussing e07162 at the T-13 plenary
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